David Hare - Reference Letters

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Captain David Hare. I have worked with David before and recently just complete 2 weeks with him onboard Ocean Alliance. Dave is very competent with the DP system, and has many documented DP hours. He is also very familiar with the type of work we do on an IMR Vessel. Any ongoing paperwork we have tasked him with is handled with a minimum of instruction. All navigational aids, ECDIS/Radars/DGPS/RADIUS/CYSCAN, etc. are familiar and he is comfortable operating them.

David has a good disposition and gets along well with Marine crew, OPG/ROV and our client. I've never heard a cross word come from him.  He is also willing to stay up beyond his watch and help if our work task calls for it. David would be a bonus to any company that is seeking to hire him.

Best Regards, Buck O. Jones

Master, Ocean Alliance

To: Whom it may concern

From: Captain Patrick A. Purington

Date: Friday, November 21, 2014

Subject: Mr. David Hare Letter of Recommendation


Dear  Sir/Madam,

I write this letter to provide a document of reference for Mr. David Hare. Mr. Hare sailed onboard the MSV OCEAN INTERVENTION (IMO 9203227) for the last (6) weeks in the capacity of Bridge Officer / Dynamic Positioning Operator.

Mr. Hare is a self starter, detailed oriented and did not require supervision after receiving instructions. His optimistic and friendly personality served him well communicating to the vessel crew. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a valuable employee & seagoing officer. I am certain he will make a fine asset to any marine employer.

Captain Patrick A. Purington

Master, MSV Ocean Intervention

My name is Matthew Odum and I am a Chief Marine Science Technician in the US Coast Guard. I had the pleasure of working with one of your captains, David Hare, while deployed for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. I lived and worked on the M/V C-AGGRESSOR with Captain Hare for the majority of June/July 2010 actively engaged in oil skimming operations.

Captain Hare was a valuable asset to our oil skimming operations. He was able to learn the capabilities of our VOSS(vessel of opportunity skimming system) and quickly make adjustments to constantly changing conditions, allowing us to conduct the most efficient skimming operations possible. While on scene, Captain Hare developed a keen ability to spot the floating oil, put the vessel on a line to recover it, and stay with it, allowing us to recover the maximum amount possible. At one point during our operations, Captain Hare adjusted his normal duty rotation to allow him to be on the helm the entire time during our daytime skimming operations. With Captain Hare's assistance we were able to collect a significant amount of oil. It was a pleasure for me to work with Captain Hare and I think with his experience and abilities, he would be an asset to future oil response and recovery operations.

Thank you for your time.

Matthew J. Odum, MSTC, USCG 
D17 District Response Advisory Team

May 18th, 2008

This letter shall serve as my recommendation for Captain David Hare to be employed as Captain on a large motor yacht. David served as Captain on board my 150’ Delta, Gran Finale, for six months and successfully piloted the vessel from Aruba, throughout the Grenadines, Windward Islands, the Bahamas onwards to Fort Lauderdale. Captain Hare attended to our guests needs in a very professional manner. During such time we took four cruises each lasting two weeks. During this time, Captain Hare was always a very dedicated, tireless Captain serving very long days on many occasions. He also was very knowledgeable regarding all engineering aspects aboard the Gran Finale. Captain Hare constantly strived to please everyone on board. 

Very Truly, 

Owner, Gran Finale, Ltd.

June 20, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Captain David Hare worked as a full-time employee of Ocean Exploration LLC for twenty-two months (July 2005 through April 2007). His primary responsibility was serving as captain of M.V. Thunder, a 70-foot Delta exploration vessel.

During Captain Hare's tenure as Captain of M.V. Thunder, his duties included:

  • Supervision of at least two and often three full-time crew
  • Oversight of all upgrades, maintenance, and repairs of the vessel
  • Command of the vessel at sea
  • Trip planning, including research and organization of in-port activities for guests


M.V. Thunder sailed in both U.S. and foreign waters during Captain Hare's period of command. Voyaging areas included:

  • Maritime Provinces of Canada
  • The entire East Coast of America
  • Pacific Coast of Mexico
  • Waters off Southern California


Captain Hare's seamanship was outstanding. His skills at operating a motor vessel were only surpassed by his strong attention to safety. He often operated the vessel when she was host to thirty-five to forty guests. The owners and guests always felt safe and comfortable under Captain Hare's command. Captain Hare approached all tasks with a positive spirit and can-do attitude. He was always coureous in his manner and encounters with guests and crew.

Especially noteworthy was Captain Hare's excellent efforts during upgrades, maintenance, and repair projects. M.V. Thunder underwent significant upgrades, both in the water and out, at yards in Nova Scotia, Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, and Mexico. Captain Hare always had work completed on time and to high standard of finish, while being very conscience of budget issues.

As a managing partner of Ocean Exploration LLC, and the corporate officer responsible for M.V. Thunder, I had the utmost trust and confidence in Captain Hare. He proved to be a very responsible and loyal employee.

Ronald L. Bailey

To: Kathy Vázquez
Reference Department
Crew Unlimited - Headquarters
2067 South Federal Highway
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 

Candidate Name: David Hare 

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor, how would you rate the candidate in the following characteristics?







At any time during his/her employment with you, did you notice any problems with drugs or alcohol? No 
If yes, please explain:

Why did this candidate leave your employ?

In general, would you feel comfortable recommending this candidate to a prospective employer? Yes

During the time I have known David Hare, he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of both yachting and flying. I have enormous respect for his teaching and leadership skills, and have been pleased to work with him on many occasions.

With crew members from a variety of backgrounds, there is often conflict, and occasionally confrontation. While setting limits, David Hare managed to respond consistently with respect and compassion. The experience had a profound effect on the participants and, because of David's exceptional skill and professionalism, he has been asked by the Marine Industries Association to help to produce a workforce DVD which will entice young persons to get involved and/or work in the marine industry. His commitment and passion for his work was evident as we worked together during this past year, and he became a close friend and colleague.

David Hare is coming to you with the qualities of a natural leader: genuineness, warmth, compassion, and integrity. Just as importantly, he would come with an enthusiasm for learning and teaching, as well as a resolute desire to understand new theories and ideas. It is exciting to think of the ways in which he might contribute when given the opportunity.He is, quite simply, the most remarkable Captain and teacher I have ever met.


Donna McBride

John Decker
P.O. Box 3649
Sunriver, Oregon 97707
(415) 505-5858

April 7, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write a recommendation for David Hare.

I became acquainted with David in 2002 when I hired him to deliver my sailing yacht “Windraker” (a Mason 43 cutter) from Puerto Vallarta to La Paz in October. The 400-mile transit across the Sea of Cortez takes 3 days/nights, and is often into heavy seas. Naomi Osborn, an experienced sailor and excellent chef, accompanied David. I was on the boat with David, but he was the designated Captain, and I did not directly or indirectly take authority or responsibility from him.

David’s preparation was thorough and he carefully inspected my boat. I had made the trip twice before on my own and found I was very comfortable with David’s analysis and decisions. His navigation was excellent including the use of all instrumentation (radar, GPS, fathometer, charts). His ability to handle the relationship with an on-board owner (myself) was impressive, because in that situation while he had total authority and responsibility, he had to take into account that he also had a relatively experienced owner on board. His disposition and poise were terrific.

As for my background, I have completed two Atlantic crossings on small sailboats, and spent four years at sea as a deck officer on US Navy destroyers. My Mason 43 is a “blue water” cruiser and I have owned it for 12 years. I am fond of my boat. I would not easily entrust it to anyone else (and until this trip, I never had). Having seen David “close up”and in action, I would unhesitatingly let him deliver my boat anywhere in the world without me on board.

I recommend David enthusiastically and highly.

John Decker

USCG Master 100 Gross Ton
Marine Surveyor

16 February 2001

Reference: David M. Hare

To Whom It May Concern:

David Hare is a 'take charge' kind of guy, world class sailor, and just the man I needed to help me do a delivery of an Oceanus 440 sailing yacht from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to San Diego California, two weeks ago. I'm 61 years old and was recovering from major surgery that occurred several months prior to departure. I was feeling in pretty good shape, the doctor had given me a 'clean bill of health', and everything had healed nicely. Regardless, I felt I needed a younger more experienced crewmember, in addition to my Mexican crew, to take over if I was unable to perform my duties as Captain.

It's not often I get to do a yacht delivery with a friend who is also a very qualified mariner. I knew from bashing up the coast of Baja California for over fifteen years that the trip could be brutal during the winter months. My fears came true and it was a good thing David had signed on. During the portion from Turtle Bay north, we ran into ugly weather. On top of that our autopilot had ceased to function just after leaving Cabo San Lucas and we had to hand steer the vessel for over 700 nautical miles. Just outside Punta Banda we ran into gale force winds and put into Ensenada Harbor to wait out the weather. David hand steered the vessel for over six hours during the gale and his strength and good seamanship kept the vessel from broaching in heavy seas. During the voyage, David (who is also and outstanding cook) prepared some of the most delicious meals I have ever enjoyed on a delivery. And, he did it under terrible sea conditions.

We completed the voyage in 14 days and delivered the vessel to its owners in San Diego in better condition than when it left Puerto Vallarta. I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone looking for a capable captain and someone to whom they can entrust their vessel.

Captain Douglas A. Danielson

October 1, 2001

To whom it may concern:

After several years in Mexico and the South Pacific, health concerns dictated the need to have our Pacific Seacraft yacht delivered back to San Diego. While searching for a delivery skipper, we received several very positive recommendations for Captain David Hare. It turns out that we had met Captain Hare in the Marquesas in 1999 while he was Captain of a Tayana 52. From the beginning, Captain Hare was very knowledgeable and positive about the conditions and area of the planned delivery.

With many, many sea miles of experience Captain Hare was most thorough in planning the trip, familiarizing himself with our yacht and all of its systems, as well as choosing competent crew. Long before leaving Mexico, we knew our yacht was in very professional hands. Captain Hare moved aboard EAGLE two days prior to departure to familiarize himself with the boat. He and crew member Luis planned, shopped, and stowed their provisions for the trip, as well as going over all systems in detail. We were impressed with the professionalism and seeming ease of their preparations. It reflected David's experience and competence. In spite of some severe weather conditions, our yacht was delivered in excellent condition within the planned time frame and the original budget figures. We highly recommend Captain David Hare for yacht commissioning and/or delivery.

Larry & Grace Kent

Douglas K. Smith Marine Insurance Services, Inc 
1110 Scott Street, San Diego, CA 92106


Tel: 619.222.2560


FAX: 619.222.6716



To Whom It May Concern:

I have known David Mark Hare, D.O.B. 7.24.52, for two years.

As president and owner of a Marine Insurance business, I feel especially capable of evaluating personalities and sailing abilities fairly quickly. My review of Mr. Hare's credentials assisted me in providing him with marine insurance as captain of Mr. Frank Magee's sailing yacht 'Tesla'.

David has lived a very dramatic and adventurous life as a commercial jet pilot, silicone valley corporate executive and world sailor. His sailing skills, from my own observations of having observed him captain various yachts, are of the highest order. I have heard him described as a 'world class sailor' by other captains and I would agree with that assessment. His concern for safety is paramount. It is my opinion that David Hare is an outstanding captain who contributes to society as a whole from his career as a professional sailor and mentor to young students who desire to learn voyaging from him.

David has spent over 120 days sailing my PC class sailboat in the past sixteen months without incident.

If you have any questions whatsoever or would simply like to discuss David Hare, please do not hesitate to contact me at: 619.222.2560.

Beth M. Chavet

28 May 2001

We have known David Hare since September 2000. He was most helpful and knowledgeable about all electronics for our sailboat. He went to great lengths to help us with the pre-planning of our trip to Mexico and the South Pacific. In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we had the opportunity to watch David prepare a Benateau 42 that had sat for two years for the beat back to San Diego. He found broken-through hull fittings other people would have missed. He checked all rigging, electronics and systems on the boat. He also cleaned it thoroughly before he would leave, and I'm sure that the boat arrived back in the States in top shape. I was most impressed by his attention to detail and knowledge of what was necessary for a voyage.

David has made many deliveries to and from the South Pacific. His knowledge of the area is extensive. We feel David is the only one we would trust if we needed to have our Vagabond 47 PJ's DREAM delivered back to Canada. We found David most personable and helpful to everyone who he came in contact with. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Peter & Pat Wyllie
Retired School Principal
Phone: 403.346.3664

Dear Sir,

I have known David Mark Hare, DOB 7.24.52, for over a year and a half. When I purchased an Island Packet 40 sailing yacht, Tesla, my brother recommended David to me as a potential co-captain.

David was entrusted with my Mercedes automobile, a cash account and a credit card with the instructions to prepare Tesla for a circumnavigation. David's considerable sea time and many deliveries gave him the necessary experience in marine systems to handle this assignment. David sailed Tesla numerour times in and around San Diego waters, often alone, to test out the various systems being installed. In February 2000 David and I departed San Diego for Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. In April the two of uset sail for the Marquesas in French Polynesia. We then picked up my brother and sister-in-law in Nuka Hiva for a passage to Ahe in the Tuamotus. From there we four voyaged to Moorea in French Polynesia.

After a vacation with my family in Morrea I had David decommission Tesla and have her shipped to Long Beach, CA. David took charge of this project, arranged the shipping, met Tesla in Long Beach, cleared customs, drove her back to San Diego, and then recommissioned her. His handling of the project went smoothly.

Frank Magee D.V.M.
S/Y Tesla

To Whom it May Concern:

Mr. David Hare acted as Ship's Master on my sailing vessel SeaPlusPlus for ten months from August 1998 through May 1999. This was a full time liveaboard position for which David received $4,500US per month for navigation, engineering, and galley duties.

During his entire employment, David has proven himself an extremely able and enthusiastic seaman for the extensive system recommissioning and 4,000 mile delivery of my vessel to the South Pacific. His proven knowledge of South Pacific navigation, experience with yacht system maintenance, and his positive and enthusiastic demeanor are a rare combination indeed. I highly recommend him as a captain or crew member on any sailing vessel.

Please contact me at 011-8816-3101-5072 if you have any further questions.

Christopher M. Miller, Captain/Owner of s/v Seaplusplus

To A Prospective Yacht Owner:

David Hare and his crew, Naomi Osborne, recently delivered our Pacific Seacraft Crelock from Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit to San Carlos, Sonora Mexico under extremely adverse conditions. Both boat and crew arrived in good shape and within the time agreed upon. We were impressed by David's thoroughness, attention to detail, and professionalism and would not hesitate to contract his services again or to recommend him to other sailors.

Susan & Alejandro Toyofuku
S/V Alegria

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Design Office, Factory-Direct International Sales

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SAILOMAT International
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La Jolla, CA 92038, USA
Fax: +1(858) 454-6696
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Stellan Knoos, manager, company founder, Ph.D./Engineering


Letter of Recommendation
David Hare

I have experienced a pleasant professional relationship with David Hare for the last five years, primarily relating to automatic pilots and self-steering systems for ocean-crossing sailboats. My company SAILOMAT is a world-leading manufacturer of self-steering systems. David Hare, as a professional yachtsman, has used these systems for several of his remarkable ocean crossings. In the several encounters and meetings with David, I have come to know him as a skillful, methodical, and persistent professional, in which I have the greatest confidence. I can strongly recommend him for any future professional endeavor he will be taking in the maritime field.

La Jolla, California
Feb 3, 2002

Dr Stellan Knoos